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-The works are mixed different colours of stoneware clay and porcelain.

Through my work,
I seek to express ceramic
quality, visual beauty and form language through a distinctive style with a preference for using hand worked techniques.

The point of departure for my ceramic works is the nexus between sculpture and functional objects.

design, construction details in historical buildings and nature play equally large roles in my work.

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"Under The Surface"

-Different stoneware clay types and porcelain fired at high temperatures.

My inspiration has been the unique geology of
, formed layer by layer.

Various clay types and techniques have used in each layer in order to express the
history hidden under the surface.

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"Vessels With Patterns"

-Stoneware with severel layers of engobe

My ceramic decoration
seeks to delve into
and explore
visual universe
that evokes insight and meaning.

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-Earthenware with engobe

Vessels are in a
geometric shape with severel sides, and decorated with regular lines.

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-Earthenware with engobe

The reference point of my works with Chawan derives from my background as a native of Japan,
and my experience
Danish Art and Culture.

The meeting has enabled me to look at my roots with fresh eyes, 
and has deepened my appreciation for Japanese aesthetics,  Art and Culture.


All my Chawan works are one-off,
with using a hand worked Japanese traditional technique. 

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-Earthenware with engobe and Terra Sigillata

In my animal figurines,
I seek to work
but combines with
painted patterns and glazed plinths, to create a humorous interaction.


I hope my works to provide an unpretentious or loving element to the modern Scandinavian cool design.

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Photos by Maic Asti

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