My curiosity and sense of wonder are awakened by materials that weather, rust, and fade.
Discarded objects, no longer useful, are - for me - something special.
The character of these materials and the way they have undergone a transformation directly inspires my work; their color and texturality suggest any number of possible directions for developing a piece.
The finished piece is therefore often a result of the tension between what is dictated by the material's appearance and my attempt to break down the special character of the material, in order to bring forth new effects.

In my ink-drawings, I continue the process started in my collages.
Fragments of words and pictures become an absurdity that only the viewer can interpret, if, indeed, there is anything to interpret at all!
There is, after all, also the possibility to just experience the work as a piece of graphic art.
Maic Asti & Kumiko Kimbara Asti / Storegade 51 , 3700 Rønne, Denmark / tlf.:(+45) 23 80 24 66
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